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The long road ahead

We're finally launching our first Zebra by Design website and I'm super excited to be kicking off the project at last. It's been 4 years since I first had the idea for this project and as always, work and other commitments have had to take priority and it's taken until now to really understand what we want to achieve - exactly how we'll achieve it is still a bit less clear but we're working on it! For me though one thing is simple - we want to see young people raising their aspirations, being courageous, and daring to challenge themselves and the world around them - to see their own potential through design and innovation.

Young minds are naturally geared towards unique solutions because they haven't yet learned accepted limitations and I'm particularly excited to see what they can achieve in the context of our design challenges. With an awareness of global, environmental and social challenges and by following the design process, I believe they can't fail to deliver impactful, innovative and creative ideas - they just need an environment in which to generate and nurture them.

We'll be blogging our journey to develop ZBD over the coming months and beyond. I'm sure it's not going to be as straight a road as the one in the photo below - nothing ever is! Join us on the journey and if any aspect of what we're doing is interesting to you please do get in touch.


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