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Building towers and changing the world

Young people are naturally creative, open to new ideas and often able to see things in a unique way. Toddlers and young children all over the world are right now building spaceships, time-machines, magic castles and other amazing things that we as adults can no longer begin to imagine. They build tall towers that fall down, they laugh and they build them again - and they get very very good at it!

Then they head off to school for 12 or more years and somehow this creativity and willingness to try new things diminishes - and in some cases disappears altogether.

Our education system is simply not able to fully develop and nurture this curiosity and creativity. In fact, many young people leave school lacking confidence, terrified of failure and ill-equipped to make the most of their potential. The situation is even worse when you consider the effects of socioeconomic status - a fact which is particularly true here in Bristol where less young people aspire to and go on to higher education than in the rest of England, including London.

Our aim is to inspire and empower young people of all backgrounds; to be confident, courageous and creative and to become the innovators and inventors of the future. We are building a unique online platform which will enable the young people we work with to imagine, design and manufacture unique products, providing innovative solutions to real world problems.

In 2020 we will be running a series of pilot workshops with young people and taking our first design through early prototype phases. If you want to work with us or have challenge ideas we can develop please get in touch.

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